Just my 2 cents

Well, it didn’t come out horribly, but i couldn’t get any bits under 2mm to actually calculate without any errors… as a result i had to use a 2mm ball bit which left lots of stepovers with a 20% stepover, changed the stepover to 7% and reran it, it didnt come out horrible, but a perimiter to cut around the project would be nice.the only other way i can see to get a decent border cut is to apply a elipse or rectangular frame and waste a ton of time cutting unnecessary area. Becsuse I didnt want to scar up the wasteboard by the unnecessary perimiter id have to cut through I just left it in the board…

It wasnt a total waste of time though, she had fun painting it…

Definitely not the same as using a 0.5mm Diameter tapered ball bit and cutting the perimiter out, but its not a horrible starting point.

The ability to project a vector to use as a perimiter even if the projection loads into another workpiece as a 2.5D easel project would allow me to select “outside the path” and cut the perimiter contour much more efficiently.

If the developers haven’t yet, I think it might be helpful to test out Vcarve or Carveco 3d relief carving and the setting and options available there. Or at least check out a few tutorial videos on the process in those other softwares.
Most of the available settings really are required to get a usable end result with a relief.

Anyways, just my 2 cents.


Ohh and the option of offset, or which parallel direction (and if possible the angle of the parallel) would be a nice included option as well.

Many woods cut better with the grain, others perpendicular to grain, and others a 45. And sometimes running a 2nd pass at 90⁰ from the original path helps to further perfect the details…

Being stuck with a toolpath that only runs in the X axis isn’t ideal.