Just off the xcarxe

Just ran this on an unmodded xcarve. 12x20 store bought red oak. Roughed with 6mm flat endmill, finished with 1/8" ball 10% step over at 1000mm/m. Programmed in aspire. 10hrs roughing 12hours finishing. Definitely can spead up the roughing but was being conservative. Still need to put a finish on it.


How do you get the 3-D effect

that’s very nicely done


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I use an stl in aspire and do a roughing and finish pass

Eddie…so how did you get from first picture to second picture. I tried some gcode that a friend sent me with a 5* bit. He said that was all I needed and my carve ended up like your first picture. How do I get to a finished carve like your second picture

Looks great, how are you planning to finish it?