Just ordered, shipping time seems a little long

After a few months of debating with myself over whether I actually need an X-Carve, I decided I don’t need it, but I want it, so I ordered a 750mm XCarve yesterday :slight_smile:

Makes me a little nervous handing so much money over when I won’t see it for up to 8 weeks. I know this probably gets asked all the time, but is this actually typical for shipping times at the moment?

Been normal for quite a while now. but it was worth the wait.


Ordered my 750 X-Carve on 20-Dec last year and just got confirmation that the hardware (excluding the x-controller and spindle mount) has shipped so its seems normal lead-times are between 6-8 weeks still.

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Yeah, I have pretty much decided on the spindle and what I am going to do about dust collection. I need to work out what I am going to do for a laptop in the workshop too.

Why the need for a double shielded USB cable?

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surprised blue loctite hasnt come up yet… :innocent:

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Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet. But Blue Loctite is your friend.

diamonds are a girls best friend, blue loctite is a @PhilJohnson best friend…

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Ordered mine and December 4th and was told that they cannot meet the 6-8 week window. I’m at 8 weeks now and was told it will be another 2-3 weeks.

I would bank more on a 10-11 week lead time unless they start getting caught up on their orders.

How long after you ordered did they tell you it would be longer?

When I ordered mine somewhere around the start of November ( I believe? ) they pretty much immediately informed me about parts like the X-Controller, Probe and Clamps being on back order and supposedly shipping like 2 weeks later. The last part, the X-Controller, arrived during the first week of January so while they were pretty much upfront about parts arriving later the date it actually did was slightly amiss ;}

But hey… Waiting for it gave me enough time to learn more about Fusion 360 which probably occupied most of my mental resources in this new Project - Something I’d still highly recommend using.

Things I can recommend so far:

  • A 0.5mm shim between the ACME Delrin Nut and the Spindle Mount
  • Blue LockTite for any Screw without a Nylock Nut
  • A Fishscale to calibrate the Belt tension
  • Activate Soft Limit Switches ( $20=1 )
  • This Probing Macro by BillArnold

Things I already added to the X-Carve:

  • A DeWALT 611 Relay Box for those using a 230V System making use of the Side Board
    ( The Relay gets hooked to the PWM Terminal, not the 0-10V one )
  • A Tool Storage Plate also making use of the Side Board
  • The Y-Axis Stiffening and Side Cover MODs

Things I’m planning to add to it:

  • A Dust Shoe - Standing next to it with a Vacuum gets old REALLY fast
  • A Y-Axis Homing Switch Stopper on the right Rail to quickly align both sides if necessary

Things not to do:

  • Using a HSS Bit on MDF - It’ll ruin the Bit fast >_>
    ( Use Carbide ones instead )
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They told me about the delay at week six withva generic automated message

I haven’t got any message yet, so I assume 6-8 weeks still stands…

Did I miss something?

just my misguided and misplaced attempt at humor. :blush:
I must remember to not post when I am over tired…

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Is the Y Axis stiffening still needed after the X-Carve 2 improvements?

AFAIK there weren’t any changes made in the V2 that addressed the rigidity of the Y-Axis Rails.

For the moment I’m using 8mm MDF that has been cut to act like two 6.25mm thick pieces with an offset.

Once the stock arrives I’ll swap them out for a 10mm Delrin version.
Probably a better long term solution than MDF and easier to work with than any Aluminium =)

I think the 6-8 weeks is doubtful. Initially they told me 6-8 weeks, then 10-11. Now today they said it will likely be pushed back another week. At the earliest. Not to impressed with them as a company so far. If I had not already sunk $300+ into my enclosure I would be canceling my order at this point.

I ordered on dec. 30 and received my last friday(30 days) even though theytold me that it could take up to 10 weeks.

Hmm interesting. You received everything (even the controller)? I ordered mine back on December 4th. Surprised you received everything that quick since I ordered over three weeks before you.

Mine was custom parts without the controller.