Just payed easel for three years

hi all Marc here , black Friday sales , i just payed for three years with easel , yay and it cost me a lot because i am in Australia but thats ok , got the activate key and i had to put card numbers back in to be able to use it , what after the three years I have moved on. how would I cancel it before ? i pay again .
dont think i should have to put my card detail in just to activate it , just saying


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I would email tech support

I would still call Inventables Customer Support and confirm, but it might be that you can go ahead and cancel it now. Your subscription will simply not auto-renew after your three-year subscription ends. You would still have complete access until such time as well.

This is a blurb from the Easel Pro Account FAQ…


Brandon Parker

thanks for the info

You should just log in to your online account and uncheck auto renew

thank you Glen