Just purchased my 1000mm X Carve Any tips

Any tips or instructional videos to refer to

Read the forum. There is a lot of great information here. Search by topic. Also YouTube has some excellent information. I too am very new. Only had my machine a couple of months now. I knew absolutely nothing when I started. The adventure is both exciting and loads of fun. Welcome to the forum

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been on the forumn 3 months just got the money to buy I’m excited I aswell know nothing

The Easel classes are a good starting point. You can also try your hand at the community challenge to earn some Inventables gift cards.

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do you have internet where you plan on setting this up at? if not try to get a cable or wifi out to it, this will make the set up a lot quicker when assembling, use easel to start with and learn the machine.
I purchased the v carve pro with mine and I have to use the g code sender for it.
both easel and v carve has its advantages, watch all the tutorials you can and don’t get to overwhelmed!
after running a short time re check all the bolts and belts for tightness ect…
good luck!

Hey hey hey I’m not a troll


I bought v carve desktop with mine and yes I have internet in my shop connected to my home haven’t checked signal with laptop yet though

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Why VCarve desktop and not Pro? Looking at the comparison chart the pro can carve over the 24" x 24" that desktop is limited to. It looks like you will be losing 5 1/2" of workable space all around the platform.
Is there a workaround to the limit in VCarve desktop and use the entire area and save the $200?

Going by Inventables website:

It says 24" x 24" max work area for the desktop version. it’s also $196 more for pro not $350.
$329 for desktop version or $525 for pro when you order with the machine and get the discount.

According to Vectic, here are the major differences with the Pro Version:

Unlimited physical job or toolpath size (no 25” x 25” limit)
True Shape Nesting to optimize toolpath times & minimize material waste
Toolpath Templates to automate & re-use your toolpath strategies
Job Setup Sheets to automatically detail the required machine setup for each job
Merge Toolpaths to optimize cutting paths & minimise air moves
Scripting support to add your own custom functionality or to automate repetitive processes
Access to the Gadget library of downloadable plugins
Plate Layout to insert external data lists into your job designs
Rotary Axis – Wrapping support

Is it worth the additional expense? That is up to the individual…no matter which way you go I am sure you will be pleased. Enjoy your new machine!

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That’s good to know. The problem is, you still lose 245 square inches of work area. That would be $0.80 a square inch. I think that’s pretty cheap.

Hey, I’m curious… Have they provided a ship date for you. The Store says 6-8 weeks. Wondering if that’s still a real number

My original post was if there is a work around in VCarve desktop to use the entire area and save $200 by not buying VCarve pro?. I take it there is not.
I don’t know what the OP wants to do so getting the desktop version may be all he needs. But, if he does actually need the entire work area someday, he can spend the $200 now or $349 later to upgrade. Again, no clue what he needs so the desktop may just be fine for him.

The work-around is to tile the job, so it carves in sections.

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This topic has probably already been beaten to death but for a newbie like myself I have not been able to find the clear answer…I see that Easel limits the size of the project, however does F360 also limit that size? Is V Carve to only way to maximize the 25" of working space on the 1000mm x carve?

your wrong because I can upgrade to pro at whatever the remainder is I already emailed them about that

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Doesn’t matter to me as I bought Aspire so I don’t have to worry about limitations.