Just some finished and in progress projects done on the X-Carve

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would post up some pictures of some of the projects I have done on the X-Carve. Some are finished and some are in progress as the title suggests. Any questions feel free to ask.

Bottle and Shot glass holder. Made from Reclaimed pallet wood. Designed and cut files created in Fusion 360.

Gibson sign. Also made from reclaimed pallet wood. Everything was done in Easel.

Single Cut guitar body. Swamp Ash Body, Bookmatched Black walnut top. Everything done in Fusion 360.

Nautical Coat rack with Compass Rose engraving. Red Oak, all done in Easel. First time using a 1/32" bit so was a little nervous lol

Wine Glass and Shot glass caddies. Reclaimed pallet wood, all done in Fusion 360.

Group shot, because…why not lol.

Pretty new to all this but having a lot of fun so far!