Just some glass etching examples

Some of the first projects I did included glass, It’s been a while since I’ve went back to it due to leveling issues (Not all glass itself is flat). Eventually I’ll setup a spring loaded system, I had one made but it only works for glass with 90degree corners, and as you can see not all my glass is such.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


what etching bit did you use?

For the Decepticon emblem, I used a 1/8 inch ball bur bit and took 3 light passes.

The others I did with a 60 degree v-bit,

I need to invest in a proper diamond tip bit, glass wears out the tips pretty quick.

broken bits can work quite well

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I’ve got a few broken bits I’ve been wanting to play around with, my biggest enemy at the moment is time. But it’s on my list of things to try out.