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I purchased my X-Carve Pro 2 1/2 years ago and it has been sitting in it’s box up until a couple weeks ago. I purchased a new house and life got in the way. However, I recently finished building my 6’x6’ table and put my X-Carve together and am now…finally…up and running. However, I would like some advice. What bits should I purchase? What are the top 10-20 bits I should have in my arsenal? What other tools should I get to help me? I will be primarily making signage, plaques and things like that…for now. Can anyone give me some helpful advice? Thanks.


Following for the same advice. I wish I had a good answer for you. Here’s to hoping a CNC veteran comes through with some advice.

They replied with a separate email. Were you wanting to hear their response? I can forward you the list he gave me.

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I would appreciate that! Thank you!

I had a cheap set of carbide tipped bits that I still use whenever it has a bit that is better suited than my solid carbide bits.
Solid carbide bits:
I use a 1/4" upcut the most tho will soon add a downcut 1/4". I use an 1/ 8th" straight upcut with a 1/4 shank, tapered ball nose, a 1/8th a 1/4" ball nose, a 3/8ths upcut straight bit using a special collet, for flattening I use low cost carbide tip flat bit, for bowls I use carbide tipped cove bits. Eventually I suppose I will replace the cheap bits with solid carbide bits but so far cannot justify the expense.
Hope this helps.

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For some reason I can’t find the email he sent me, but this is what he recommended I order.

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