Just updated to Easel Driver 4.0. and my machine is now bricked (windows 10 pro)

I read through the troubleshooting regarding limit switches, checking the drivers, system compatibility, unlocking through the gcode, etc, and still cannot get my machine to home, move along any axis, or do much of anything. I have also checked inside the x-controller and do not see any damage or smell anything burnt.

The machine worked PERFECTLY yesterday, when I was able to skip the “download new driver” popup.
I was not able to skip it today, and now my machine simply does not function.
There was a previous thread about this issue that was closed prematurely, wherein the developer blames everything on people running windows 7 and 8. I am running WINDOWS 10 PRO.

Does anyone have any new advice? other than ditch easel and inventibles?
Obligatory “I have a job that needs done ASAP”.

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have you checked the machine inspector page within easel to verify the new driver is installed and that the cnc grbl version is identified. It is possible that the driver did not install properly, or is corrupt or was blocked by virus scanner / firewall settings.

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Yes, I have verified the driver to be correctly updated on 3 different PCs.
Screenshot attached:

The machine will properly home and jog within UGS, but is still bricked in Easel pro.
I have unloaded and reloaded the driver on each machine several times, along with the FTDI.
The machine throws out an Alarm state in the machine inspector, and will not jog even when reset.
The limit switches are not damaged and operate properly (otherwise homing in UGS would not be possible).
My X-controller is a 2016-17 model.

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