Just wanna point out what I think is a bug in easel

I was cutting out a number for a small ‘happy birthday’ sign and just had a bit break because the inner circle of the ‘9’ in my cut did not have any tabs, and as the inner circle broke free, the bit immediately broke (I watched it).
I don’t see anything in easel that allows me to insert a notch into a path that doesn’t already have one, so if that is possible, please let me know.

BTW… I have been enjoying my X-Carve for almost 10 years now. Kudos to Inventables!

A work around is explode the number then the part in the middle of the 9 will also have tabs.

I do agree this is a possible defect in Easel that was easily overlooked.

Select the “Cut” tab of that popup in your photo. At the very bottom is the tab count, you can increase or decrease the quantity of tabs.
You can also Click and DRAG the tabs into that inner circle as desired.

@Robert10 See above steps for a better solution.

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@Robert10 I don’t see any “explode” feature in Easel. Where is it? (I’ll probably find it just after I post this…)

@SethCNC I see that I can add tabs, and I can move them around within the line they are placed; however, I was not able to move a tab to the inner circle of the ‘9’. Notice that it is a separate line. What am I missing?

Drag further. Drag till the pointer is past the section you want to jump across.
It WILL jump across it if you do this.

@SethCNC No luck here… No matter how I do it, I can’t drag the tab into the inner circle…
I just left-click on the tab, hold the mouse button down and attempt do drag it into the inner circle. Is there some other trick I’m missing? I’m using Chrome. Could that be the problem?

Just tried FireFox… same thing.

Drag well past the inner circle.
It will jump over into the inner circle.

If youre still having issues then share the easel project via the share link.

Thanks for your patience…
Here’s the shared link…


@EdSutter you’ll find the explode in the apps tab on the left. It looks like a little Lego.

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@Robert10 Ok, found that; but all it does is turn my ‘9’ outline into a filled solid.
LOL, both of you guys @Robert10 @SethCNC probably wanna shoot me by now!
I’d say that I may be using an older version of Easel, but its online, so that can’t be…
I’ve been using my XCarve since 2016, so I’m in the group that gets a few free days a month for the “Pro” version. Point being… maybe this is an issue because I’m not using “pro”??

@EdSutter there are (2) exploder apps behind the Lego block… try the other one.

Seth is one of the best in this forum so I would keep an eye on what he recommends. I do a lot of work on my CNC but have not spent nearly as much as Seth. But I do help out where I can.

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Edit: for the record that was a randomly selected thumbnail by Youtube and I totally didn’t do that face on purpose. LMFAO

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Wow! Thanks for the detail!!
I really appreciate your feedback on this.
The ‘9’ was off center because it was actually the other half of “39” which will end up being a gift for a friend who turns ‘90’… “Forever 39”
Anyway, again, thanks to both for your quick and detailed responses!

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