Keep probe pin grounded when not probing, to avoid lockup

I recently started using the G38 probing function of GRBL. I’ve since noticed that the X-Controller often locks up mid-job unless I keep the probe pin grounded when not in use.

I’ve never had that problem. What software combination are you using?

I use ChilliPeppr to send Fusion 360 nc files. GRBL usually has many thousands of lines buffered when it locks-up, so I don’t think its an issue with the sender.

These lock-ups also seem to be more likely when there is some static charge buildup on the vacuum hose, dust sticking to it etc.

That is interesting. I may look into grounding my dust hose…better safe then sorry.

Yep, I plan to spiral a ground wire around the dust shoe hose sometime soon… Milling phenolic seems to build up a strong static charge, in my setup.

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I had a lot of static cutting lithophanes out of candlestone (like corian).

i cut alot of corian and it sticks to everything ,
I cant use a dust shoe with the things i cut so
,how can i stop this from sticking to the router ,the aluminum and everything else?

I never figured this out…I just cut and clean everything afterwards…it looks like a snowstorm has hit.