Keeping the 24V spindle cool with a fan

Here is my solution for keeping the stock spindle cool, I bolted up initially a 12V 40mm fan to the top cover blowing air down into the spindle and have since upgraded to a 24V fan that is hooked up in parallel with the spindle motor.

Initial tests with my crude temp sensor (my fingers) shows a significant temperature drop over the stock spindle with no fan. I am hoping this will keep my spindle running for a long time to come. I rarely do any heavy duty cutting since most is balsa and bass wood for now so she should last.

Also in the picture is my simple dust extraction system using a single loc-line and a mount cut from an old cutting board. I smoothed the pvc coupling in my lathe so I could use the bracket as a way of raising or lowering it.

The pic shows my initial tests with a 3cell lipo battery powering the fan


Nice idea, you can use 24v fan in same size and share the spindle power. Fan doesn’t pull too much of it. You don’t even see difference on spindle speed. Also helps spindle to soft start.

which way does the internal cooling system pull air?

Blows air down to collet side. That means you have to blow fan air into the spindle.


Are you sure blowing air into the spindle is a good idea, wouldn’t it also blow dust and debris into the spindle? Wouldn’t it be better to blow hot air out of it and avoid dust in to the spindle.

If you generate opposite direction air blow, how spindle can cool down you think. Spindle itself has downwards air flow, upwards air will cut the air supply for it.