Keeping Two-Step Carves in line with each other

I will first start off by saying, I AM NEW!

I am having trouble keeping my two-step carves in line with each other. First I would set up a design in Easel and then duplicate the design and put my more detailed parts of that design on a seperate worksapce in the same design. I do this because when I set up a two-step carve with all of the elements on one workspace, it puts slants and un-necessary carves on my main desgn.

For instance, I need to use a 60-degree V bit to get the detail in my font, but when I set that bit as my detail bit, it adds slants to all of my edges when there isn’t suppose to be slants. So this made me duplicate the workspace and put the fonts on a seperate page and use a smaller bit for that design, which on Easel, looks great.

I mark with pencil on my wood exactly where I have set my ZERO from the frist carve. I have to adjust the zero for my second carve (the font/detail carve) because my bit length is different; however, I move the XY to EXACTLY where I marked the zero for the previous carve. The only thing that was adjusted was the Z axis to accomidate for the change in bit length.

Now what happens is that as it starts to carve, the font is way off from where it is suppose to be in an X/Y relationship.

Do you guys have any tips/tricks on how to fix this?

I would LOVE to be able to select individual elements within my design in Easel and choose the bit that is used to carve that element. I don’t want to set for instance my 1/8 straight bit as my roughing bit and then the 60-degree V bit as my detail bit because then the V bit changes the design that my 1/8 bit cut.
I really hope I am making even a little bit of sense and that somebody can help me out.


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Welcome to the forum Brennan!

The official solution from inventables is to re- home after your bit change, probe for z and then select “use last” for x,y . Shown here:

I don’t love rehoming and i find that the method that works better is to just turn on the cncs built in torque locking, like this:

Regarding your current work around for choosing which bit gets used where… yeah that’s kinda just how easel is… its super simplistic for the novice user, but due to the simplicity, once you graduate to the level you’re already at, the options become these sorts of work arounds or moving to a different software… I find that even with the work arounds, I’m still faster to use Easel for most of my projects vs using other software🤷‍♂️

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I use the Triquetra for extreme accuracy with multi stage cuts. Do some research online and especially on this forum. It was a complete game changer for me.

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