Keeping your machine running during Coronavirus shutdowns

Hey guys, as Coronavirus continues to impact everyone more and more, I wanted to extend an offer to help our friends in the CNC community stay up and running. I’m sure many of you are using your machines much more than usual while you’re stuck at home. As more businesses shut down temporarily, getting replacement parts for your machine might become a bit problematic. We also recognize that many of you may not be able to do your normal day job and will be turning to your machines for supplementary income.

So, as long as USPS is still running, if cash is tight and your machine is down, we will send you any X-Carve replacement part that we have on hand free of charge. Once this all passes and everyone gets back on their feet, you can pay us whatever you feel is fair for the parts. We have lots of V-Wheels, idlers, brushes, and limit switches. We also have a ton of random parts from machines we’ve built over the years. If we have it and you need it to keep your shop running, we will work to get it to you.

Please be responsible and do everything in your power to help slow the spread of this virus. Take care of the people around you.

If you need our help with a part that you’re otherwise unable to get because of the shutdowns, shoot us an email to


A very generous offer.


Outstanding customer service and even better kind gesture to help people.

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