Kerning, changing wood grain directions, modifying colors, moving 3d STL's in a carve with other easel elements - Quality of life improvements for Easel

I am really enjoying easel and attempting to make the most out of the program as apposed to utilizing V Carve Pro exclusively. The things that keep pulling me back into vcarve pro are below.

A - changing the spacing between letters or a kerning setting would be a welcomed addition to Easel. The only way around this currently is to break apart my text into separate text boxes and move the letters individually.

B - Changing the direction of the woodgrain in the material box would be helpful, I usually have an idea of what direction the grain will be in my designs and it would be great to not have to rotate my entire drawing to match the grain direction.

C - Modifying colors instead of just using one material. if I am planning on painting a piece or assembling pieces I need to design in Vectric. My customers love realistic views of the finished products, not just what the underlying wood looks like.

D - combing 3d STL’s with easel elements, This one is probably the heaviest hitting. I would love to pull in an STL of a 3d logo and put it along side or embed it into a project. A great example of this would be a flag with a 3d element on the side or an embossed 3d plastic into a piece of maple along side text created in Easel.