Kerning - increase text spacing

Newbie user…I’m carving up a simple sign with text only.

Two questions:

1-> Using X-Carve/Easel Pro (Mac oriented)- I’m trying to adjust the spacing (kerning) between letters with my sign - tried using Bowlby One SC font & Xploder app - this created separate letters except for a couple of letter pairs (ex). I could manually move text around. I’d like to have kerning available for all letters and keep spacing uniform. I tried Inkscape and was able to create the uniform spacing, but it seems that saving the text as a .SVG file doesn’t allow me to import into Easel Pro. There was an indication to Ctrl-Shift-C to bring the text over … didn’t work in my Mac world. Any ideas how to achieve better spacing?

2-> If my photo shows up below … I was using a 1/8" bit for background and 60 degree V-bit for lettering details - it looks like V-bit does quite get into the corners of some of the letters - should I do another carve using a smaller 1/16" or 1/32" bit to carve inside the letters to clean it up?

Thank you for any help. DALE

You need to convert the design from text into vector format in inkscape prior to saving. this will eliminate the embedded text error.

this is queued up to just about where I show how to convert the text to path, which is the step you’re missing…

It looks to me like your Z zeroing is inconsistent between the 2 bits. the Vbit is zeroed up above the workpiece and not carving as deep as it is supposed to causing the imperfect internal corners…

First - thank you for heading me the right direct on my sign!

Sounds right - Seth. My follow-up question would be - since I’m doing a 2-stage carve in Easel Pro- the 1st stage is using an 1/8" downcut bit to a depth of 1/8" - flattening out the background layer “sent to the back” and a 60 deg V-bit to carve the “details” … my text “Essex Ranch” is set to Cut at 0" & CLEAR OUT A POCKET - that is probably why the V-bit isn’t getting down to a lower level…it may not be carving anything. How do I get the 60 degree V-bit to carve down lower - between characters & inside characters like the A? Thank you again for your help - DALE