Key hole bit

how do i add in keyhole bit i have a diablo bit dr70104 keyhole bit
to use keyhole app

PawPaw did a good video on the keyhole app.

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watch several times but it just cuts out a channel don’t plunge in like it supposed to and then in 3/4 while plunged in

You have to set the depth of cut the same in the setting. It’s one pass full depth. I set mine to about .26”. Over on the right side of the screen you have the option to custom set the feed rate, depth per pass. That’s mostly likely the problem

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Phil Russ and Russ ,
i watch video a few more time i was missing setting on left side finial depth cut . Thanks for all your help and support, HAVE A MERRY XMAS


Glad you got it working
Merry Christmas

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