Keyboard controls

Hey everyone. Been a good few years since I posted on this forum.

Wondering if someone can help me out. Recently set up a Xbox 360 controller to jog the xcarve around, other than the left, right, up, down and shift to adjust Z, what other keyboard commands are there? I’d like to be able to use a button press to increase or decrease the distance traveled but I can find a key press for that


On Windows, keyboard shortcuts are the same, just substitute ctrl for command .

  • Move object forward: command + ] (right bracket)
  • Move object backward: command + [ (left bracket)
  • Combine : command + j
  • Copy: command + c
  • Paste: command + v
  • Move object, fine : arrow keys
  • Move object, coarse: shift + arrow keys
  • Undo: command + z
  • Redo: command + shift + z
  • Remove object: delete
  • To add object to selection: hold down shift and click unselected object
  • To remove object from selection: hold down shift and click selected object
  • Select all: command + a
  • Zoom in: command + +
  • Zoom out: command + -
  • Open Machine Inspector (for advanced users): command + shift + d

Editing specific points on an object:

  • Edit points: (select object) E
  • Move point anchors in-sync: shift + [click and drag]

Hi Steve,

Thanks but these are the commands for easel editing, i’m looking for the keyboard commands for joging the machine around.