Keyboard Short Cuts or Hold button

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Been looking and searching for Keyboard short cuts for Easel Pro what I am looking for is a way of holding a piece whiles I drag up or down or left to Right.
So if I place the piece to centre I can then drag the piece down without going left or right as its frustrating whiles aligning parts.


There was a feature added early-mid 2022 where that allowed the user to hold Ctrl button while dragging to snap alignment, however there were bugs that apparently were never worked out. It was immediately rolled back and I don’t see any updates about the feature and can’t find the thread that inventables posted it’s release.

However, one could lock a design element to center position. then use that to be able to use the other alignment functions, this would let you drag the design into place up/down or left/right and then select the moved element and the very center element and use the align function to then snap the moved piece into parallel with the centered one… you’d want to later delete that locked, center item though…

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