Keyhole Bit Comes Loose During Cut

I own the Xcarve using the Makita router and need to use a keyhole bit. I bought a Makita collet for a 1/4 inch bit off Amazon but the bit comes loose when performing cuts. Can you recommend a specific 1/4 inch collet for this router? I’ve made sure the bit is tight and perpendicular to the work piece, the depth per pass is correct, and slowed down the plunge and feed rate.

I would recommend double check the shaft on your router bit, possibly you have a 6mm (.236 inch) shaft.
Makita 763637-1 Collet Cone, 1/4-Inch - Router Collets -

happy carving

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I agree with this. I’ve bought several end mills online that’ll state its “1/4 in” but you get it and its 20 thousandths undersized and is metric.

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Thanks … turns out it was operator error. Once I got the bit to sit further in the collet the cut was fine. My bad.

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