Keyhole bit settings

I bought a diablo keyhole bit. Any recommendations to set it up in easel?

This is the program that I use.
I don’t know what bit you have, but you can change the depth to whatever you need.
KEYHOLE .300 DEEP G CODE.txt (228 Bytes)

Are you trying to make keyhole slots for hanging?
If so, there is a keyhole generator in Easel I believe.


Yes Easel does have a Keyhole App, I have used it and it worked great.

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.35 to .30 works well in the keyhole generator… just make sure your depth and depth per pass is the same

I see that, thank you, but how do I add the bit to my toolbox?

You don’t add the bit to your toolbox. Just run the keyhole app.

Thank you, but what bit should I say that easel is using?

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Sorry, you can select the 1/8" bit.
But it really doesn’t matter which bit you select, the app will run the same no matter what bit you select.
EDIT: Just make sure you have your Depth Per Pass the same or greater than your cut depth. The keyhole bit needs to cut the keyhole in one pass.
If your depth is .3" then make sure the depth per pass is .3"

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@LoriMurphy Here is a video that shows the keyhole app in detail.

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