Kreg Table + Punched Tube "Torsion Box"

Hey, everyone. I’ve had my 750mm X-Carve for almost two years. The main thing that held me up was the work surface. I was paralyzed by all of the good ideas out there. Ultimately I needed something simple, i.e. no gluing or cutting (which means working outside for me), even if it was more expensive.

I purchased a 31" Kreg table with 28" rails. The top is made from 1" punched square tube and 0.75" MDF. Overall work area is 38" x 30". Total cost was almost $300, but it’s heavy, perfectly flat, and without this process my X-Carve was probably going to stay in boxes forever.

Not for everyone, but if you’re trying to figure out how to make something without a lot of fuss then maybe you can adapt this to your needs.


Very nice!

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