Labyrinth Carve Help

I’m trying to carve a Finger Labyrinth. I’m a newbie and having trouble setting up. I don’t want to carve the boundary lines but rather smooth half-circle cuts that a user can run his/her fingers in to “walk” the labyrinth. It will be roughly 16 " in diameter with the pathways around an eighth inch deep. Thanks.

Labyrinth screenshot

Invert your image. The dark areas are the places that get carved.

Where do I invert it? In Easel or some other program?

Is it in Easel now? If so, share your project here.

The problem with your design is that Easel thinks it’s comprised of two lines very close together such that they form an object. Selecting ‘fill’ instructs Easel to carve material between these two lines.

Did you import a graphic and have Easel convert it? If so, you may need to do that again, but play with the import settings to get the results you desire.

Yes I imported a jpg and used image trace. Thanks for the help. I’ll give it a try.

Put a circle behind it filled to the depth you want, and set the carve depth of the maze to 0.


Now you’re just showing off… :wink: