Lack of Fonts

I’m Dis apointed in the lack of fonts in easel. and so far the only work around is one i found from KimRussel. which involves using font generator .com. creating a jpeg and import into easel. Has anyone found a way to download fonts into easels menu? easel is starting to feel like cricket. With all the campy clip art and fonts from the 80’s. It’s really starting to make me question my purchase

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Just here for the comments and want to follow along. I am a new Inventable XCarve owner and signage is a big part of the projects I will be doing. Having a variety of fonts is what I will definitely be needing.

Here’s how I get custom fonts into Easel.

If you’ve ever used Carbide Create, Vectric, or Carveco, you’ll quickly find that MANY fonts result in open vectors because most fonts aren’t designed to work with these CNC softwares and the graphic designer just don’t close the fonts. and for those softwares I mentioned, allowing access to al windows fonts leaves the user applying significant efforts to close each vector to be able to use their own fonts. Easel eliminates this step by vetting all of their fonts, and I presume they spent some time correcting all of the fonts within their library. Allowing users to use their own fonts introduces that same problem that the other programs face and many many more questions from users needing help with this process. . . just a little fyi on why I think they’ve set it up to only use their pre-selected font library…

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So i recently found i can use lightburn to design to include fonts, export as a SVG and import into easel. This has been helpful for me because there are many things i can do on lightburn faster and i can upload as many fonts as i like

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