Lantern Box

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to share a project that i just created for my wife for her birthday. I don’t know about you guys but i love when my CNC is used as “a tool” in the process and not “the tool”.

This was made with purple heart wood that i torched to bring out the deep purple color. I sanded it down to 2000 and finished with Danish Oil.

I used conventional tools to build the box its self with 1/4 inch finger joints, CNC for the base and to carve out the hearts on the sides and scroll-saw to cut the letters on the top. The white paper you see on the sides is vellum.


My wife loved it and wants to know when she can have one. I told her once my XCarve unit actually ships she can expect delivery of her lantern 3 weeks later. I have some nice 1x6 purple heart that has been aging in my Phoenix garage for a year.

Great work. Has given me some ideas.

By the way this is appropriate for Dewali too! (It’s on right now!)