Laptop suggestion's

I’m leaning towards purchasing my first CNC machine and would like to know what y’all think about what laptop I should buy so I may use Inventables new machine? Thank you.


Jumping onto this thread because I hope to be doing the same!

I imagine that a laptop that can run the Vcarve, VcarvePro, or Aspire software at a minimum would suffice.

I use an both a desktop and a laptop. The desktop is connected to the X-Carve and the laptop is where I do my designing. The laptop is about 6 or 7 years old and runs Aspire just fine. My biggest complaint is screen size. Having enough screen real estate is most important to me.

Once I’ve created my designs I either use Easel on the desktop to run the project or another g-code sender if it is an Aspire g-code file. Desktop is quite old too, and has no problem with Easel.

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific, but I thought I would throw out what matters most to me.


Thanks for replying but, using my desktop is out of the question since it sits about 80’ from my shop. Thanks again for your response.


What ever laptop you get, make sure get a mouse with a clicky wheel or preferably a third button and a wheel.

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honestly everything that came out during the last 5 years should be powerful enough to run vcarve or fusion or the like. I tend to watch out for models with 2 or 3 usb ports. You don’t want to unplug your controller everytime you use a thumbdrive.

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