Large and complex file results in Error when Simulating

I have a large and very complex file that I am attempting to simulate the carve. Every time I click the simulate button it sits for approx 40-60 seconds and then errors out and says out of memory. Not sure how to proceed I do not know if I will be able to carve this from the web, is there another suggestion or a suggestion to fix the error? My computer resources are adequate and should be fine to handle this. It is by far the most complex and detailed carve I have ever attempted. Back in March of 23, I was able to create a carve similar in size but nowhere near the detail, it would take upwards of 5 mins to generate tool paths. Please help.

well, Easel doesn’t actually use the internet for the process of generating the toolpaths or really much of anything beyond accessing the apps and the design library, so that wouldn’t be applicable.

Yes, try the tips/tricks that I show here:

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