Large CNC machines

Iā€™m an adjunct instructor at a Junior College teaching in a industrial maintenance program and 1st day of a summer class was yesterday 5/14.

We took the class on a field trip to an area CNC manufacturer here in Southern Indiana.

They (Thermwood) build them from scratch and integrate all of the electronics as well.

Saw what will probably will be the largest additive/subtractive machine in the world being built. This is to be a 5 axis 3D printer and 5 axis CNC router that could print and detail something the size of my Pontiac G6.

Also saw a CNC machine being built that was had a 12ā€™ X 25ā€™ bed (they can go as long as 60ā€™).

Way cool stuff.

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Very cool. What types of machines do you teach on?

We have a WEEKE at the university. Someone else teaches the maintenance on that.
I teach an Electronics for Automation class and have just started a Robotics for Automation this summer.

We also have a small 3D printer on loan, a large bed laser cutter/engraver, a couple of conveyor systems the students are just starting to put together (including Allen Bradley PLCs), a couple of NAO robots and are just getting setup with the new Intelitek Advanced Engineering robotics course with National Instruments Labview with a myRIO controller and Tetrix Prime kit (6 of these), along with some other industrial trainers.

We currently have 20 students in the 1st class with about 22 signed up so far for next one starting in the fall.