Large Dibond + LED

Hi there. I wana show my first large project. Dibond got 3.2m long and 80 cm height. I cut project in corel, export to svg and open it in easel. After that i cut one part, move dibond, cut 2 part etc. Then make some aluminium construction with pvc 8mm, led and thats all.


Nice work, great example of stretching the machine limits

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Where did you get the material?
Also did you have the corner graphics printed on?

Way cool project.
It turned out great!

I print all graphics on oracal printing media. Then i stick they on dibond. To make corners i use some new Makita tool like that ( can be made by Festool PF1200 but is 4 times expensive )

That tool make some v-groove on dibond. After that you can bend dibond to 90 degrees and You make box from him.

Where i buy dibond ? strange question :slight_smile: i buy him from shop with dibond , pcv and others materials:) As i know Dibond is orginal patented material. I dont know how is in another country but in Poland we got many species of that material like TKbond, DuoBond, etc… but is stil the same aluminium - composite - aluminium but low cost. Orginal dibond is expensive.

I was thinking of seeing if I can use this material to create some nice signs where I live.
Thanks for the tip and info.
I am in the US btw…

Some my signs on 3 mm black mat dibond:

100 cm width:

3 mm dibond

3 mm dibond on black 20 mm XPS

In live :slight_smile:


Very nice work!
Thanks for sharing