Large Duke sign

A friend wanted a sign to hang over their breaker box in her husbands man cave. My biggest piece yet. It’s roughly 18x38. All done with Inkscape and Easel.


The actual design is 28 inches so I just set the whole thing on the machine (top and bottom sticking over the sides) and set my zero to the left side of the board and approximately 5 inches from the bottom.

Rough pass was 2 flute 1/4 bit, 70 IPM, .03 DOC
Detail pass was 2 flute 1/16 bit, 70 IPM, .03 DOC

Total depth was .0625 and it took 2 hours to carve but I had the DOC very very conservative. Ten minutes into the cut I realized I should’ve increased the DOC so it only made 2 passes instead of 3.