Large Radius Importing as Segmented Lines

I’m having a problem importing a DXF file from Inventor. The large (67") radius is importing as 2 straight lines connected by a single endpoint.

DXF files can be saved with Lines, Arcs, Splines, or Polylines and I’m not sure it it’s just Easel converting all to lines, or if it’s the format of the original saved file. But it’s probably Easel since I’ve never seen a DXF import with polylines or splines only straight lines. I suggest saving as SVG and using the SVG import feature of Easel because this WILL preserve the arcs for use in Easel. That DXF import too is a user created App and isn’t quite native to the Easel program and as such it has some bugs and I try to avoid using it and prefer converting to a SVG in other software before importing…

Thank you Seth. Very helpful!

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