Large upgraded x-carve seeing if anyone is interested?

xcarve that i made larger and put aluminum tee material. this is a large item pickup would be required great machine no problems asking 1200.00 for xcarve only with controller located in northern michigan

forgot to mention location is northern Michigan

What is the cut area on your machine?

I can measure it but I think its a 5x5 I know it can cut 4x4

Where in Michigan are you located? And is it still for sale?

I’m in northern Michigan traverse city I just measured it 4’ 5"x4 5" I would add bracing on long axis and yes still available

Come with a spindle/router?

yup just replaced it

i tried are you sure number was correct

It was wrong. Sent correct.

Is it still for sale???


Wish you were close to Fla.

What all is needed for this? Just software? What type of spindle is on it? Is it still available

U just need a computer with easel that is free it has a spindle from box store like a dewalt its still available

does it come with the bench?

I would sell it with bench for 1500.00 my original price I’m not sure how you would move it

How is the flex on the larger bed/travel? I will be doing mostly sign carving, and occasional parts cutouts out of thin aluminum or wood, but mostly wanna make dust carving patterns into wood.

I am making my purchase as soon as I receive my tax return, and am in Ohio.

i was gonna add some bracing in long x axis just some aluminum angle would help but i used like it is works great the y axis does have aluminum tee and is very rigid ive made many signs and cutouts it works very well i dont seam to have the problems others are having on forums

Just wondering if this is still available?