Larger CNC

Finally got all the parts needed to enlarge my 500mm X-carve. Now I have 500 x 750mm. I increased my X cutting area from 11.4" to 21.25". I had already raised my Y axis by 1.25" so I could feed longer materials in from ends and would clear wheels. I think this is all the machine I need, but if I knew then what I know now (like that ever happens) I would have gotten the 1000mm unit and cut down to fit my space. I’m a happy camper! Now back to carving! :sunglasses:


my shop wishes it could be that tidy…

Usually more. It’s a mess right now with the upgrade.

Don’t you have carpeted floors in your shop? Best thing I ever did. Sawdust doesn’t blow around, bolt /nuts don’t roll to the neighbors house, floors don’t scratch, and just vacuum and its like new.

Damn, we’re not gonna be able to make fun of your small machine. :heart_eyes:

You can still make fun of my medium size one…lol :grinning:

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Hey, I’ve always been told it’s not the size that’s important…

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Oh yeah…tell that to my…oh never mind!

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Hat you mean, tell that to my hat. :slight_smile:

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