Larger than 1000mm?

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I’ve looked around and searched and can’t seem to find the answer - is it possible (or will it be) to upgrade an x-carve over 1000mm in either X or Y?


Yea it is they make up to 1600 M9m makerslide. Any longer and it’s an issue to extrude it straight. You can join to pieces but you would have to support it well otherwise there would be a lot of flex. There is a product I saw recently called makerfeet that’s an aluminum extrusion that bolts to the makerslide to support it. The y is really your biggest issue in going bigger especially if you go with a heavy spindle.

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Hi @edh and @JoeBerman we sell 1800mm MakerSlide that you can order to extend your machine. We have not tested any lengths longer than 1000mm in our shop. On the Y you should be able to do it if you add some supports on the bottom to prevent the 1800mm from bowing over that span. On the X you will need to test if it works as we have not tested it beyond 1000mm. It’s not something our Customer Success team can support but if you are willing to work on it with the folks on the Community Forum I’m sure you’ll get some interested people.

Whoops meant 1800M9m and x not y lol

Hi there EdH,

I’m interested in the same thing! Specifically creating a X = 20’, Y = 6’

Have you made any progress on this?

They aren’t ever going to support it directly but it’s totally doable just need a good way to line up and support your x axis

I shared my solution in this post:

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Hi, i’m also interested in this, to build a machine that is big enough to handle full sheets of acrylic ( 2450 x 1250mm ). My material normally would never be more than 10mm thick, and if its “slow” then it really doestn matter.

The extrusions sound like the big issue?

Hi im in the same, im thinking to mach to extrusions with a couple… to get the 245 cm…
Have you done your upgrade allready?

Track Extrusions for Y is (2 x 1500mm) = 3000mm

one could extend them indefinitely by adding more extrusions and connecting plates.

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