Largest bit you can use for xcarve?

Hello I’m new to this. I was wondering what is the biggest bit you can use on your project? I just have a project I would like to do and a good chunk of it isn’t really detailed. To speed up the process I thought a bigger bit. But not sure if that’s ok to do or not. Also if it is ok, where can I purchase the bit.

Thank you.

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This looks to be the largest diameter in the Inventables bit collection.

That said, I would instead recommend


The two upcut bits are better designed to clear away material quickly. With the larger diameter bit, you will likely have to take shallower depths per pass and use slower feed rates to the point where you may not be clearing as much volume as quickly as the upcut bits.


My router collet takes a 1/4 shank bit. I’ve used up to 1/2" diameter round nose and straight bit with it. Feed Rate and depth of cut have to be considered too. I prefer to buy Whiteside bits off ebay or amazon.


Thank you, I appreciate the help.

Thank you, appreciate the recommendation!

I use a 1" straight cut for a few of my jobs.

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Same here, 1" is about as high as I’ll go. worked great for what i needed