Laser add on to xcarve

Can anyone point me in the right direction on adding a laser from Ortur laser master Pro 2 to my XCarve Machine X Controller Kit? It’s a 4W laser purchased with my Ortur laser master 2. I just need communication and power, running VCarve Pro and lightburn off laptop.


you would connect the laser to the cnc controller using PWM and GRND . . . as for your Power input, you would use a Separate Power Supply, which would need to ALSO connect to the Ground for DC . so Basically you have 3 wires coming from the laser PWM,GRND,12V (I assume its 12V) … Typically Yellow,Black,Red. . . youd connect that Yellow to the PWM plug on the X-Controller. you’d connect that black wire from the laser to BOTH the GRND on the X-Controller AND The Negative of the 12V power supply, youd connect the RED wire to the 12V Positive from the 12V power Supply.
When purchasing this power supply, ensure it is the correct voltage (I assumed 12V in the above scenario) AND that is has more than enough Amperage for the laser INPUT.

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