Laser cut from a scanned file - for jewelry - need advice

Looking for feedback on what kind of equipment I would need to be able to scan a picture of handwriting (example, my grandmother’s signature) … And then be able to then have a laser cut it out of silver so I could polish it and make it in to either necklaces or bracelets? I’ve seen these on Etsy … And want to begin to make these as gifts and possibly a hobby business. I am positively overwhelmed at all the technology out there and am looking for the opinion of folks on this site to help guide me.

Hi Beth,

I do this but with copper but the same applies for silver.

Main process I use is paint the metal, use a laser to remove the dry paint leaving behind the bare metal I want to etch, then use a galvanic etch to remove the metal, then when etched, remove the paint with petrol.

Quite a bit of work but gives good results.

Some early stuff I did on this thread: Paint/Resist laser ablation