Laser cutter

laser cutter to run on the z-carve

If you intended to ask which is a good laser to use on an XCarve, many have found these from JTech to be quite adequate.

they’d probably even cut through balsa. :wink:

I have cut some 1/8 and 1/4 plywood with my 3.8 JTech on the 1/8 I believe I did 4 passes at 100mm per minute. and if all you have is a butter knife and time to get it done and you really want that tree gone? just saying.

p.s. cuts balsa like butter but I got a lot of charring on the edges, so I believe that I need to work on focus.

you are right I was just saying that it is an option never said it was the best option.

@RobertCanning Is there a higher powered laser that ‘would’ work well with the XCarve…and not cost a fortune?