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Laser Cutting Letters

Hello everyone. I am once again back with another laser question. I tried to browse the forum but wasn’t able to get much. I am currently using Inkscape to generate my G-Code for the laser, then sending to UGS. My problem is coming from creating letters in Inkscape. I want to get the letters fully engraved, inside filled, but can only get an outline. Can someone point me in the right direction to filling in the letters rather than just the outline? Thank you.

google raster vs vector engrave inkscape.

I’ve done all those steps. Still comes out with just an outline for some reason. I have tried to fill the letters but won’t generate a tool path with them filled.

try this one

I’ll have to give that a shot tomorrow. I appreciate it. Let you know how it goes.

No such luck. How are people engraving letters? Doesn’t have to be Inkscape if there are other options.

I do mine with v-carve…it allows me to choose fill or outline. This has both…


That looks good man. V-Carve is a little too pricy for me right now though :frowning:

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I was hoping to get you to learn about the difference between raster and vector engraving. and then from that you would would find that there are many different ways to achieve your goal.

but you might just want to check this out

and then try this program and see if this is what you need.

but then again there are still several other programs out there that can help. if you want a simple one step solution then you might as well just get your money out and pay for the service of making it for you.

Yes it was…It was 4 toolpaths that I merged into 1 and sent all at once.

We will be launching soon kind of a beta testing givaway. After the tests users will be able to keep the license for their own use. If you are still looking for proper software you may wait a while and then join the testing phase so you will get one free :slight_smile:

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is this software OS dependent or will it run on all major OS? some use windows some use mac some use Linux. just wondering.

I know that Austin is using it on virtual machine, I think that on Mac it will be hard to run without it. Maybe we will change it the way it should work on both.

I would be interested in testing it out. I run a mac and a windows, for different programs.

no bad:slight_smile: