Laser Engraved TV trays

Used my J-Tech 3.8 to engrave the family crest onto some cheap TV trays. wife thinks they are great, took the bland same old same old and really made them stand out.


Those look great. I may have to borrow this idea!

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Always have loved it. Made some great Christmas presents this last year with it and made quite the stir. we had a $15.00 gift limit at work and I made a bamboo cutting board with the state seal on it, everyone got upset because they said there was no way that it was only $15.00. I let them know that it was right that I really had $10.00 in the gift because you can not count the modifications as that was my time and I donated my time to the gift exchange. :smile:
Thinking I also need to make some for mom and dad as presents.

Thanks for all the kind comments.