Laser Etched Cutting Board

Not sure if I should place this here or in the laser cutting section. Either way this is a completed project. A gift for my uncle’s wedding. 2 passes with a 3 watt laser


Here is how the program runs

The short video is on the second pass. I did take a 30 second timelapse, but don’t know what program to use to edit.


Wow that things is dialed in. Nice. But I looked at the laser. Is that bad?

That is very nice, where did you find your laser?

Using a laser with that power level you have to be very careful as even reflections off of matte surfaces can permanently damage eyes in fractions of a second.

Class IV

Lasers in this class have output powers of more than 500 mW in the beam and may cause severe, permanent damage to eye or skin without being magnified by optics of eye or instrumentation. Diffuse reflections of the laser beam can be hazardous to skin or eye within the Nominal Hazard Zone. Many industrial, scientific, military and medical lasers are in this category. Many handheld lasers (“laser pointers”) at this output level are now available in this category.

I backed the laserink Kickstarter. I know he purchased them from a very popular seller as I have a spare diode, but just can’t remember the name. Yes this is VERY hazardous to your eyes. ANYONE THINKING OF DOING THIS SHOULD USE PROPER EYE PROTECTION. I have 3 sets of goggles if that gives you any indication. Also beware whatever being cut/engraved can emit harmful fumes. So in the future should I post completed laser etches here?

I am just a user of this forum. I don’t know who controls it. Personally, I don’t see any problem with posting examples of your work, it is nice work and should be seen.

With the increase in availability of high power laser diodes someone that is not familiar with the problems could get into some serious trouble so I thought it would be a good idea to bring up the subject so that more people could be informed that if they want to do this type of work then they need to get proper safety education before jumping in.

That is really nice Frank. How are you finishing it after lasering? Some forms of food safe oil?

Also getting great accuracy with a laser here. :smile:



Thank you! Still pretty new to the laser scene. I used some butcher block oil, since I know they will end up using it. Thought about epoxy, but didn’t go that route.

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Buy from a reputable dealer like and you can purchase everything you need to be safe in one place. You will also get answers to your newbe questions.


and you can purchase everything you need to be safe in one place.

No you can’t.

Just buying a properly set up class 4 laser is not enough to use one safely.

This device can be used safely, but the potential for damage Is great, is not reversible, and can happen in less than an instant. Much like a car crash, but worse.

I think HalfNormal means if you buy from JTech you can get safety glasses and shielding material and the driver itself has multiple safeties.



P.S. I was kidding about looking at the laser. Though I did look at the laser in the photo and ever since, all of my college and NFL teams have lost.

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Hi, Ian.

Yes, that’s what I thought as well, but that statement taken out of context could lead some people to believe that if you buy this product you should be ok. I am constantly amazed at what some people do based on too little information.

There are a lot of people that use these things inappropriately and it is so easy to get into trouble I just wanted to provide a cautionary note.
Examples here:

@IanWatkins Thanks for helping with clarification.

@LarryM The X-Carve can do some damage to body parts as well if not properly used. Milliwatt lasers pointers can cause blindness.

I am an Operating Room nurse and have seen Darwinism at its best!

Tool safety is the users responsibility. You cannot change an individuals ignorance.

Yes, I agree. Being a nurse surely you understand that even in a hopeless case, one has to try. It may not do any good, but if one eye is saved then it was worth the effort.

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Yep, never hurts to remind people of the risks. I see plenty of people running X-Carve spindles without even safety glasses. A snapped engraving bit will just as easily remove an eyeball when it flies off at tens of thousands of rpm.

But if you read and follow the instructions provided with the JTech laser kits, you’ll be safe. Any problems are going to be caused by your own stupidity or laziness. If you are smart then you’ll put in place process or physical barriers that prevent risk from the latter but there is no combating the former. :smile:



AMEN! :smile:

Here is a second example straight off the laser. Only one pass this time. I messed up and it slid a bit before running the second attempt.

Edit: No lie, this is just wedding month;they are all gifts so no moneys :frowning:

Nice. :smile:

One of the “benefits” of lasers is that you don’t have to clamp down the material. But I’ve found it is worth doing just in case you need to run the job again to make it darker or to run a couple more passes if cutting etc.