LASER kit for X-carve from JtechPhotonics

J Tech Photonics, Inc. is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas. We strive to develop the most advanced optoelectronic solutions to meet our customers demanding needs at an exceptional value. Our team is made of dedicated professionals with years of experience in the development of products for high end industrial manufacturing.

Our Mission:

J Tech Photonics, Inc. designs and develops advanced optoelectronic solutions for the creation, sensing, and control of light for research, industrial, and enthusiast applications. J Tech Photonics, Inc. succeeds through the use leveraged resources, standard architectures, and the development of intellectual property to create products for the marketplace that are feature rich and have an excellent value proposition for the customer.

Our Team

The head of J Tech Photonics, Inc. is Jay Johnson. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of California, San Diego in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Photonics, and Semiconductor Devices and a minor in Mechanical Engineering. He has held multiple positions in research and industry including the Ultrafast and Nanoscale Optics Lab at UCSD and at Electro Scientific Industries in Portland Oregon. During his tenure at ESI, Jay was involved in the product development of several of ESI’s most successful product’s and was critical in leading the development of new technologies. He held positions in engineering and management from Electrical and Controls Engineering Manager to Product Development Manager as well as Senior Systems Engineer. He holds 10 patents in areas of laser materials processing, laser pulse shaping, accousto optic devices, and bus powered embedded devices.

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