Laser option

is there a laser kit for the x carve

There is a whole forum category on Lasers here:

2 Popular Laser brands as add-ons are Opt Laser and J-Tech. You won’t use Easel for Laser cutting BTW.

I have a 7 watt jtech laser on mine for about 2 years love it use lightburn software

Any PWM laser can be controlled by the X-Carve, for the money, I like the Atomstack M50, the only catch is you would have to mount the controller board, add 2 wires for the PWM signal to reach the X-Controller and also mount the laser. IMO doing these oneself for the savings of $300 makes it pretty much worth the price difference…

Currently there’s a $90 off coupon if you check the box before adding to your cart…

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