Laser program?

Do I need a special program for my 3.8w J tech laser
to X-carve or can I run it with Easel

No Easel will not run it. There are a lot of programs out there to run it. GRBLaser is a free one i have used and i am using picengrave and picsender right now.

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Thx Wayne, I thought so.
What more do I need to know before I use my x-carve.
Does the Vectric Aspire works ?

I know nothing about Vectrics i don’t have it. You could email or put a call into Jay at J Tech and he will tell you some of the popular programs to run it with and help you out anyway he can. Customer service is great there.Have you got it wired and mounted?

I Have not got it wired and mounted yet.
I’ll Contact them later on next week.

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If you bothered to go to J Techs website you will find all your answers and very detailed instructions.

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My version of VCarve works really well with the laser, so Aspire should do the same.

Make sure to get a Post Processor specifically for lasering (available from J-Tech’s website or the version kindly made by @LarryM available in these forums - I use Larry’s).

As mentioned by someone else, if you go to J-Tech’s website, they have a heap of stuff dedicated to lasering with the XCarve (and other platforms & systems).

Thx David
For the info. I Will look up Larry’s PP
And give it a try.

JTech has a couple recommendations:

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