Laser Question's

I have the 2015 version of the X-Carve and power supply. Does anyone know how the J-Tech laser gets wired to this power supply? Thinking of taking advantage of some Black Friday sales but need to know if it will wire up to this old power supply.
J-Tech web site seems to reference the X-Controller for wiring the laser.
Any help is appreciated.


If you talk with Jay at Jtech he has a wireing diagram for it. Mine is wire to the old style and works good.

Is it possible to attach a photo of your setup? I emailed J-Tech but guess they are gone for the weekend and would like to see what your hookup looks like before ordering.

If possible thanks

I would but it is a pain to get it out. I have it inclosed and it could be a problem. I will look later and see if i can find the instructions. It is not a big deal just a couple of wires go to the controller.

Dave, the instructions (including photos) are all right here:

VERY easy install. I’m not up and running yet. Had some questions on using the software that JTech suggests you use. Lightburn doesn’t have tech support, and only an online forum. I called Jay from JTech this past Monday, and he helped me out, even though it really wasn’t his obligation to. SUPER nice guy.


Dave, I’ve seen those instructions but they look like the connection on the X-controller. Thanks for the link and looking in on the post.

Sorry David i searched but could not find the hookup instruction but i know Jay can show you where they are at. It is pretty simple to hook up and you will be pleased with it.

Wow, just that quick the Black Friday deal is off, Not buying now it seems. Maybe Cyber Monday will have an offer.

Always a brides maid never the bride.

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I just checked Jtech’s site and the sale is still going on.

That’s their normal sale. They had a black friday sale that was like 60 dollars off the Xcarve bundle and Lightburn software. There was a banner on top of the website with the promo code that is not there now,

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My apologies. Thought you were asking about the current controller. Good luck. I made my first burn last night. Came out great considering I have NO CLUE what I’m doing. HAha

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No problem, doesn’t much matter at this point as the Black Friday sale is over. Would be nice if it ran all weekend like other sites.

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Added a laser onto mine and incredibly pleased!! It’s a 7W diode on a 5A driver.

It doesn’t like to be at 100% for more than 10 minutes at a time but maybe I can improve that work a higher cfm fan.