Laser software for Logo engraving?

I recently bought the Jtech 2.8 Laser and am about to get it setup.

I will be ultimately using this laser to engrave customer logos or my logo into products. At this point all the logos will only be one color contrast (for lack of better description).

I currently do not have VCarve and really am not looking to make that purchase at the moment. My best bet for the Gcode sender is PicSender (from the multitude of posts of read) which allows me to switch between laser and spindle.

Now to my question. What software would be best used to setup up my engraving and generate the Gcode.

PicLaser? Inkscape? PicEngravePro?

What are the pros and cons you all have experienced with the different programs?

i use this one but only to create the gcode for picsender

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Thanks I will check it out!