Laser tool setup Vcarve Pro 9

Trying to set up my laser in Vcarve Pro 9. I can setup the tool easy enough but when I try to select it using the quick engrave function I’m told “Tool Data Invalid”. I’m setting it up as a laser cutter instead of an endmill. I can make an actual endmill tool that will work but the Laser Cutter seems to throw things askew. Any thoughts?

BEGGING the question…why have a laser tool if it won’t work???
I know you’re not affiliated…rhetorical question.

Actually I was going to buy a laser tool until I learned that Polycrylic works better.

is laser cutter tool something new in v9? i have aspire 8 and dont have laser cutter option. i just use end mill

Yes. There is a Laser tool type that you can setup and set power percentages instead of having to do the math with your spindle speeds.

im looking for answers on this also! any mods/admin on here that can point us in the right direction?

thanks for your time!

Tried downloading the GRBL inch for X-Carve and received a “failed - No file” error.

what’s the difference between the GRBL and GRBL no-Z PPs???

the instructions on the J-Tech site indicate mounting the laser control on top of the Z axis (for the X-Carve 1000), however I am thinking i would rather purchase one of the laser/fan extension cords, route that through the drag chain and place the Control board (Driver??) somewhere off to the side (closer to the X-Controller).

do you think this would be a problem???

Thanks, I’m a ways off from actually getting a laser, but I like to do the homework just the same…

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Do you know how to get the machine to not move up and down on the z-axis while laser etching, also is there a way get it to start moving as soon as the laser comes on? right now it takes a moment before it starts and it is putting dots where it starts the laser.