Laser Upgrade, Issues need help

So, I got a Neje 7W module and can turn the laser on, I just cannot get the Spindle PWM to do anything. Do I need to change the GRBL settings in my X controller to communicate on the same freq? I have read a lot, tried using lightburn and easel com to use M03/M3 M05/M5 to no avail. The laser is just always on. Do I need a separate control module, because the Neje lied about being all in one? I am hoping someone has made the same mod and can help.

Have you set GRBL parameter $32=1 and $10=0?

Also you need GRBL 1.1. I’m using 1.1f.

I don’t have your laser, I have the Tech version of the 7W+ laser.

I am using LightBurn at the moment and it all works fine. With LightBurn you also need to be sure that $30 is set to the same number on both GRBL and the S parameter on LightBurn. By default the value is set to 1000 in both.

Hope that helps

I will set the $10 and reconfirm $32 is set to 1. Does your laser come on immediately when you apply power?

I am unsure if my ground is performing correctly or creating a loop and causing my spindle pwm to be ignored.

My laser does NOT come on when you apply power, there is a button on the driver board you need to press to get the driver going. After you press the button you can issue M3 SXXX commands to turn the laser on, where XXX is the %power you want to use. This %power is in the range determined by the $30 and $31 values.

In LightBurn there is button on the interface that allows you to fire the laser at a a pre-determined power, this is used for focusing and also for framing the work on the material.

You can measure your PWM output with a voltmeter. The output will vary between 0-5V depending on the value sent with the M3 SXXX command. The laser doesn’t need to be powered on or connected to test this.