Laser upgrade questions

Hey yall, I have been thinking of adding a laser to my xcarve for some time. I just have some questions that hopefully this community can answer.
What laser set up did you buy?
Does it use the easel software?
Is it plug and play?
Any additional information would be great!
Im seriously considering adding it and doing more laser engraving on wood, but I am completely ignorant when it comes to lasers.

Hi Jason. If it is any help in making your decision, I spoke with a couple of people who use cnc and lasers and they both told me that the cnc moves the cutter with torque from the Nema motors to plow through the material that you are cutting. On the other hand a laser is cutting the material with heat from the laser module. The cnc cutter has MUCH more friction than the laser. The laser can move at much greater speeds than the cnc. A cnc machine would move very slow with a laser module attached compared to the speed of the laser cutter. Depending on what you want to do would help you make the decision. Maybe you should buy a stand alone laser as to tying up your cnc. Lasers are getting pretty cheap. Just my thinking…

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