Laser Vaporizing PCB Solder Mask Resin

Hey everyone,

I had a really interesting idea today. It was inspired by this image album of a dude making a PCB mask with a UV curable pcb solder mask resin. It’s fairly accurate and quite nice looking, but it occured to me that printing, aligning, and baking the resin under a stencil, and still yet under a UV lamp, is a lot of work. So, I went on ebay and found a 100g can of BLACK solder mask resin. Mmhmm. You know where I’m going with this. I’m going to attempt to mill a PCB, apply an even coating of resin across the entire board, and then use a 2W 365nm laser to vaporize the resin using a solder pad image.

Wish me luck! Shipping for the can from China is like a month, so see you then.